Selecting paint colors for your home can be daunting with the hundreds of color choices out there to choose from. It’s tempting to look to colors that are trending or ones you have seen in friends’ homes, but we suggest you start instead by letting your personality guide you to colors that will make you feel most comfortable.

“Let your instincts direct you,” says Joa Studholme, color curator. “Choosing a paint color should have more to do with your character and lifestyle rather than being fashionable—it is your home, and no one else should dictate how it looks. If you choose colors that you really love and feel comfortable with, your personality will come shining through.”

Whether you gravitate toward calm or loud, casual or formal, the colors for each room in your house probably have a lot to do with who you are in all facets of your life. “There are those who are naturally reserved and wary of color like to play it safe, taking comfort in neutral walls to reflect their own understated elegance and grace, while those with a with a flair for the dramatic, brimming with self-confidence will choose bolder colors to indicate that they are adventurous, energetic, and fun,” Joa says. “And of course there are many personalities who sit between these two—luckily there are color palettes to suit everyone.”

To help you select wall paint colors for your living room, kitchen, and other spaces based on your personality, Joa provided us five different personality types and the hues that go best with them. There’s no quiz to take, but we think it will be easy to self identify with one or two color groupings as you read about them.

For Quieter Types appLiên kết đăng nhập
Reed McKendree
People who tend to be quieter often feel comfortable with calm colors that allow them to move seamlessly around their home. For them, Joa recommends neutral whites, such as Farrow & Ball’s Timeless Neutral group with , (pictured in the coastal living room above), , and .“They reflect the balanced soft tones of white in increasingly deep shades and are perfect for those who crave a calm, serene home,” she says. “They are carefully balanced colors that create an understated environment and make few demands on the eye.”

For the Easygoing Traditionalist appLiên kết đăng nhập
Max Kim-Bee
If you tend to gravitate toward traditional looks and not making a big statement, Joa recommends blue-gray colors like Farrow & Ball’s , , , and .

“They create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, with rooms feeling as if they have always been that way,” she says. “Although complex colors themselves, they reflect a modest outlook on life and evoke a specific emotional response of calm that is perfect for those with an easygoing personality who prefer their home to feel effortless.”

For the Generous Host appLiên kết đăng nhập
Ricardo Labougle
For homeowners who have a passion for welcoming guests and are known as the consummate hosts, Joa recommends earthy tones that give off warmth and comfort, such as Farrow & Ball’s , (pictured in the room above), and .“Understated mushroom and blush colors such as these bring a cozy, enveloping sense of well-being to your home,” Joa says “They are colors that will wrap you and your guests in a cocooning hug.”

For the Laid-Back and Informal appLiên kết đăng nhập
Brie Williams
If you have a laid-back personality and way of being in your home, you likely prefer your rooms gloriously informal and appreciate all things nostalgic in life with a craving for quiet retreats. For a home that fits all of that, Joa recommends colors to suit: “, (pictured on the doors above), and , although all from different color families, have the same subtle muted energy level, which is super attractive to those who want ultimate relaxation, but with a modicum of color.”

For the Energetic and Passionate appLiên kết đăng nhập
Douglas Friedman
Those who are energetic and passionate as well as assertive and driven often want to reflect those traits with strong, fun colors. “Vivid brilliant colors push boundaries and have strong appeal for those with big personalities,” Joa says. “They grab attention and are perceived as lively and stimulating like those who use them.” To that end, Joa recommends Farrow & Ball’s , , and .